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Indianapolis Premiere Supper Club With A Modern Twist

The Mass. Ave Corridor of Indianapolis—and more specifically, Bottleworks District. The team of Clancy's Hospitality, Executive Chef Ricky Martinez, and locally renowned designers, Phanomen/Design, have created The Fountain Room—a place that not only elevates what has already been done, but evolves the American Supper Club for the modern diner.

Steeped in American History

100 years ago, The Fountain Room was the site of the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world. A soda stream pumping out 2.25 million bottles every week. And just as the cola bottle was known for its unique shape, the architecture of the building itself became an icon. With its Art Deco styling and shiny, white exterior, Bottleworks was a knock out. From its ornate brass doors to the shiny terrazzo floors and colorful ceramic tiles, this building was designed to be a showplace—rivaling the finest buildings in all the land. Today, our dining room pays tribute to the grandeur of the historic Bottleworks District, and is inspired by Mass Avenue’s infamous supper club scene. We cordially invite you to take a seat in history.

Clancy's Hospitality Delivers The Fountain Room

Inspiration for The Fountain Room stems from visions of a retro supper-club vibe.  Repetitive geometric patterns and timeless millwork details are paired with texture and color combinations that are meant to give visitors a sense of nostalgia for times past.  Think of a traditional Art Deco dining establishment that also functions as a social club.  High class, yet affordable. Formal, yet relaxed.

Our Mission

Pride in our commitment to technically excellent service, with an emphasis on warm hospitality, is the cornerstone of our business. Coaching our staff to think our customers as guests in our own home. That's who we are, that's who we will always be. 

Our Historic Space

Our Team